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First anniversary: 0.2.4 released - January 29, 2002

Waow! Rymo is one year old now! Happy birthday! To mark the date, we added a small feature: it now directly goes to the mailbox list page after a delete; no more 'Mail deleted' page in-between. Available only at rymo's.

0.2.3 released - November 8, 2001

With the first snow (at least here!), here comes a new rymo release. The main change is that rymo now lists mails in reversed order: newest mails first. You've been some to ask for this, and you were right. Isn't it something 'usable' by now? :-)

Now we will go with the 0.3 (unstable) tree, trying to implement attachment upload/download, and attachments...'webalyzing'... More to come. Take it at rymo's.

We also updated the screenshots page.

0.2.2 released - August 23, 2001

After its holydays in the sun, rymo's back as 0.2.2. This new version now shows the mails list per page of n (default: 10) mails with a 'next' and/or 'previous button. This should relax people who have zillions of mails and were waiting for hours to rymo. Get it at the usual place.

0.2.1 released - July 6, 2001

Some bugfixes and a new feature: you can see each message's size in mailbox view
Want to get it?

Is that all? - June 3, 1548

Older news are in history.

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